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When the 'babies' first arrive at New Beginnings Nursery, they come as blank vinyl doll parts; but soon after they will be transformed into a reborn life-like 'baby'.

I first remove any oils, dust and impurities and give all the vinyl parts their first hot, sudsy bath.  They are rinsed and allowed to dry completely.  Once this is done, I begin coloring the head and limbs with special non-toxic air-dry paints and powders beginning lightly and intensifying the color and highlighting all the 'baby' creases and folds.  Each layer is allowed to soak into the vinyl and dry before proceeding to the next layer.

When I am satisfied with the skin tone, I choose hair (either wig or painted), eye and lash color to compliment each other as well as the 'baby's' complexion.  The eyes receive a glossing giving them a sparkle and the lips receive a soft baby lip color with a touch of  'drool'.  Eyebrows are lightly penciled in for a barely-there look and 'baby' receives subtle veining in the temples, wrists and feet.  The tiny finger and toenails are given a baby manicure to give the appearance of being just-clipped.

When assembling the limbs to the new cloth body, I weight the limbs with sterile craft sand or glass beads and fiberfill; and the cloth body with poly-pellets and fiberfill to give the feel of a real baby.  The head is also weighted, secured to the body and it, as well as the limbs, become moveable and poseable.  'Baby's' head will turn from side to side, but will need to be supported as you would a real baby.

The 'baby' is now reborn and its re-birth is recorded.  He/she is then diapered, dressed in an undershirt or onesie and an outfit of my choosing and then returns to the Nursery to await adoption.  Baby will go to a loving home wrapped securely in a blanket and the new mommie will receive an adoption certificate and instructions as to 'baby's' care.

Thus ---- New Beginnings!

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